180cm Chess Pieces Stay in An Office at United Kingdom

Those black and white chess pieces are in 180 cm size. Those chess pieces are kind of giant chess with original carving design. Made of Teak wood with best selected quality, those giant chess pieces are recommended forĀ  outdoor chess game and outdoor decoration.

Meanwhile, those giant chess pieces are stand on squares floor at one of office in United Kingdom. It use for office decoration and looks match with the floor. For this occasion, it needs broad enough to put those giant chess pieces.

For more info, please visit www.giantchess.com

About GiantChess.com

Outdoor Chess for gardens, parks, resorts, hotels, schools, campgrounds, back yard, chess club, decoration and community centres. We have variety size for outdoor playing : from 16" to 72" king tall Also have 8" and 12" wooden chess for indoor or for table.
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