Wooden Big Dart

Do you collect unique handmade wooden crafts? Are you feel confuse about gifts for your friends or family?
Try to make some different with some new wooden crafts called ‘Big Dart’. This kind of wooden craft is new innovation craft which adapted from the Dart game.

The big dart made from solid Teak wood material, so it durable for outdoor use. Besides can be used as decoration, big darts are also suitable for gifts. Unique and interesting is the hallmark of this craft and certainly the people around you will really like it.

For more info, please visit www.giantchess.com

About GiantChess.com

Outdoor Chess for gardens, parks, resorts, hotels, schools, campgrounds, back yard, chess club, decoration and community centres. We have variety size for outdoor playing : from 16" to 72" king tall Also have 8" and 12" wooden chess for indoor or for table.
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