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A chess set consists of 32 chess pieces, including 16 pawns, 4 Rooks, 4 Knights, 4 Bishops, 2 Queens and 2 Kings. offers its beautifully sculptured and precision manufactured chess set pieces in varying designs (though most often classic),  differing materials (though most often of our prized original teak) and in many sizes, from large to giant, most often with kings of 8", 12", 16", 24", 36", 48", 72" though other sizes are available, or can be custom ordered. Most of our products - increasingly found in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere throughout the world - can be used for both indoor and outdoor play, with our large to giant sets especially suited to backyards, parks, beaches, campgrounds, entertainment centers of all kinds, and resort hotels, where they are also increasingly being found.

8 inch Chess Set

8" Chess Set

This 8" set is one of our best sellers. This is so not only because it is of classic design and made, as all our wooden sets, of beautiful  and durable teak, but because it is suited for play in any setting, at any time, indoors or outdoors. It is easily stored and comes with portable fabric chess board with 4" x 4" squares. It can all also be enjoyed with any of our beautiful teak chessboards, or chess tables (as pictured).
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12 inch Chess Set

12" Chess Set

This set is very similar to our 8" set, but with a portable fabric board of 6" x 6" squares. Both set and board can also be easily transported to wherever one might wish to play, but may be even more suited to outdoor play - such as in yard, garden, park, or at beach. All that is needed is a balmy day, a flat surface, and a friend with whom to play.
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16 inch Chess Set

16" Chess Set

This 16" chess set, also of original teak, is particularly suited for play outdoors. The playing surface for this chess set is a flat board of 8" x 8" squares. All ages can play on this set, of course, but children will be especially delighted to play with it in yard, garden, or even play room, and it is still light enough to be transported wherever one might wish to take it.
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24 inch Chess Set

24" Chess Set

Our 24" chess set is very popular for outdoor use, on a board with 12" x 12" squares. Children and adolescents especially love these pieces, and they are still not too large, nor too heavy, to be taken with you wherever you should wish to play. Even if kept permanently outdoors, in yard or garden,  because they are of teak they can withstand any weather.
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36 inch Chess Set

36" Chess Set

The playing surface for this chess set is a chessboard with 18" x 18" squares, and is highly suited to being played by adults in various outdoor settings, and for many different occasions. Although the pieces are quite heavy, and are not easily transportable, they can be easily shifted across the squares of the board in actual play.
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48 inch Chess Set

48" Chess Set

This 48" chess set, still with prized original teak as its main material, played on a chessboard with 24" x 24" squares, is quite dramatic in its presentation, whether located in expansive yard (see picture),  house terrace, foyer, even large room with this as its central attraction.
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72 inch Chess Set

72" Chess Set

This chess set - the largest standard size we produce - has a 72" (6' tall) king. It is most often used for outdoor decoration, but can also be used for indoor decor. Play with it is also possible, on a board with minimum 24" x 24" squares, especially if you wish to develop your physical fitness along with mental!
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72 inch Chess Set

Other Products

Other products that are available from us include large-to-giant teak chess sets in other styles; marble chess sets; wooden and marble checker / draughts sets; wooden chess tables; wooden chess boards; folding carve chess boards; wooden giant dominoes; giant darts; and special orders to your design. Please tell us what you want and we will be only to happy to create it for you.
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All of our products are done by our own experienced sculptors; as a consequence, if you have an idea for a unique chess set design, different from what we are offering, or even an idea for unique individual pieces that can used for many different purposes, including as collectibles, prizes, or souvenirs,  please tell us your idea, and we will be happy to create it for you as customized order.
We will, of course, need additional time to process this request so as to be able to realize your design as perfectly as possible, while meeting our own high standards for quality and workmanship.
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