Snake Ladder For Children

Snake and Ladder is a classic children’s board game, which popular in many countries in the world. it easy game and often played by almost all children in the world. All people have known ’bout this game. It is played between 2 or more players on a playing board with numbered grid squares. Snake Ladder also simple game which use simple equipment. You just need the board, pieces and dice.

For this game you will need a counter for each player and a pair of dice. Start at square one. If you land on a snakes head then you must slide down it’s tail. If you land at the bottom of a ladder, move up to square at the top. Whoever gets to the finish first wins! It’s a fun way for children to practise counting and game playing, as well as being fun for all the family. Try to play it and make your children explore their brain by give them challenging game!

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Giant Chess Piece For Patio Decor

Do not underestimate the furniture for the patio area. Not because it was outside the house, you do not want to decorate it. Precisely because of being out of the house, patio area should be interesting and fun because not a few guests who want to talk on the patio area.

Most people will be confusion in decorating the patio area because of its location. They can not be placed in a cupboard or a bar there. But do not lose your mind. We recommend you a furniture that will change your patio area to be attractive.
We have the giant chess piece that made of Teak wood and polished well in glossy black. This kind of giant chess is large enough for outdoor decoration, and fun also for school, home, parties, and other occasions! Kids love the large pieces.

Our product is made of Teak wood, so you do not need to worry about its durable.

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Giant Marble Card Made From Teak Wood

Wooden house decoration has popular in the world as unique and antique things. Something special present in different form will attract the people interest.
Marble card games adopts the image of card game. It made of teak wood and beautiful painted to have a rich look of marble.
You can function this as art collection, decoration, and a gift to friend or relatives.

We create wooden marble card from high quality teak and paint it to have a marble look. The durability of Indonesian teak has been proven so that this art product is most suitable for decoration. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, your space will be more beautiful with wooden marble card.

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Forest Green And Tropic Green King Pieces

Those King chess pieces are kind of our chess color collection. Polished in calm and fresh color. We called those are the forest green and the tropic green. They describe about green environment arround to get the nature nuance. Perfect for house decoration. You may put it in your living room, children room, library, office, and another room.You can also use it as a gift for your children, family or friends.

Our chess pieces has made from best quality of Teak wood. Carved by expert craftsman and polished well. Add with glossy touch, make it looks elegant and beautiful. Durable product for outdoor use. You do not need worry to left it at garden for months, because it has made from the strongest wood in the world.

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Giant Card Marble For House Decoration

The popularity of card game reaches various people from kids to adults. We create wooden marble card from high quality teak and paint it to have a marble look. The durability of Indonesian teak has been proven so that this art product is most suitable for decoration. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, your space will be more beautiful with wooden marble card.

Wooden house decoration has popular in the world as unique and antique things. Something special present in different form will attract the people interest. Marble card games adopts the image of card game. You can function this as art collection, decoration, and a gift to friend or relatives.

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Decor Your Patio With This Mistmonster

What’s your patio furniture now? Have no idea for decorate your patio space? Ask your self and find to know about outdoor furniture to suit your outdoor lifestyle.

We can help you to consider about your patio furniture that you plan. We have wooden Mist Monster decoration for outdoors. Adopting from its unique form and has combined with attractive color, make the Mist Monster looks friendly for your kids. The Mist Monster doesn’t looks scared anymore, but looks interesting and funny.
Perfect for your patio furniture and garden decoration. Our product is made of Teak wood, so you do not need about its durable. Our Teak wood is high quality and dried well. The product has carved by professional craftsman and polished well. We have chess pieces in various sizes, so if you can choose the suit size for your patio space. Try now, and make your patio space looks interesting

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Blue Chess In 72 Inch Size

Giant chess is always funtastic for outdoor chess game or even for decoration need. This kind of chess pieces are rarely to get. Many people like to have giant chess for their house, but they confuse where to get. is chess products manufacturer which has produce many kind of giant chess pieces and other chess products in variety sizes and colors. As the example, has giant blue King chess piece. The blue giant King chess is kind of color chess which carved in giant size. This is the unique one. The handmade furniture decoration with high artistic value will make your house more decorative.

Giant chess color may the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor decoration. It has made from best Teak wood and carved talented craftsman, so that produced unique and beautiful giant chess piece. Get it now and decorate your house!

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Teak: Sustaining a Giant

Teak: Sustaining a Giant

Teak is a wood in constant demand by woodcraft artisans and those who are willing to pay extra for the extreme quality only teak can deliver. Each year, the supply of teak thins a little more and the tree is notorious for being difficult to replace naturally due to it needing so much maturity before it can be harvested for use; an entire human life can go by in the same time frame. Where it is grown, the soil and climate conditions can deeply affect this sensitive tree and render it unusable in its normal capacity. In some areas, its forests have all but been depleted due to poachers and inadequate reforestation practices. Not all hope is lost, however, and thanks to conservation specialists, this versatile, beautiful, and durable wood has a sustainable future as a giant boon to humans who desire its unique properties.

Teak Woods

A hardwood native to Southeast Asia this handsome, lustrous wood is a tropical deciduous, meaning it sheds or loses its leaves in the dry season. Even these leaves are something special, as Javanese locals living in the jungles use them as sandpaper due to the rough toughness of the leaf. However, the main attraction to this tree is their astounding resinous oils held in their heartwood, or inner core. These precious oils possess both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that highly resist disease, termites, warping, rot and decay, most insect scourges and a host of other problem that usually plague the tree world. Teak is not just strong, it is also flexible; so resilient that the fierce storms that ravage the Asian coastlines do little more than bend the trees in the wind and rain, but it takes more extraordinary forces than that to break them.

While other trees might be able to match the initial beauty and warmth of teak wood with its pale patina and rich, golden brown color, no other wood yet discovered can even approach the laissez-faire luster and glow of teak. It needs so little care, that it really needs none at all and still retain its attractive state, looking like it has been stained or proofed. Truth is, the oils of the wood waterproof it naturally, making it the perfect substance with which to deck boats and ships, a tradition that has been followed for a very long time. The silica and rubber inherent in the wood also keeps it from getting slippery when wet and offers a bit of traction found from no other tree types. Those oils that waterproof the wood keep it from rotting at all, really, as can be evidenced by the 2,000 year old pieces of teak found in the cave temples of Salsette and other locations in West India that are still in amazingly good condition. When left untreated and out in the elements, teak will eventually take on a silvery gray sheen that is wholly cosmetic; internally, nothing has changed and nothing has been lost, the integrity and strength of the wood left intact.

The History and Future of Teak

Teak has been prized and sought-after since ancient times, going back to the Ming Dynasty that started in 1368, when the Chinese built ships using teak. However, it has been traced back to the 7th century as well, when teak was used in Siam, now called Thailand, to make furniture for royal dwellings, trade ships and temples. More common use began in the Middle Ages and by the 1800s; the Dutch had discovered its virtues and teak became highly prized for its beauty and shape-ability. Its warm, romantic aura fit perfectly into the life ideal of the wealthy Victorian age and a great deal of furniture was imported to Europe to fill the demand. It became even more valuable with shipbuilders when it was discovered that besides being extremely tough and waterproof, teak does not splinter under gunfire. At the time, shrapnel from splintering wood was the main claim of sailors’ lives during naval warfare.

Sadly, teak does not bounce back easily thanks to the immense maturity the wood needs to gain all its properties. It does not grow just anywhere and many places that have tried to transplant it have discovered an inferior product is born that lacks the abilities of native teak. The Dutch had established some plantations in Indonesia and those do well, but many consider farmed teak to be less in quality, though there is no evidence to this when the soil and climate are the same. Outside of the trees’ natural range, however, much greater care needs to be taken because the teak will be lacking. Currently, some farms outside the range doing well are located in tropical Africa, South America, and Central America.

Teak requires at least 40 years to reach maturity; then it needs to be ‘scratched’ around the tree base to drain the water for a full year before it can be cut down and sent to the lumberyards. Even then, teak is so heavy that it will not float, so it is left for another three years to dry. Teak is considered the strongest and best when gathered from its indigenous areas of India, Myanmar (Burma), Laos, and Thailand, though Thailand ceased cutting in the 1980s until it could better regulate the reforestation of the trees and preserve the original, very rare old growth forests. Because of its need to be so old before it is ready to be felled, teak continues to prove extremely rare and therefore, valuable. High quality teak furniture is an investment, but absolutely worth the cost. Some plantations tried to get around this by taking the teak down at 30 years, but this proved disastrous; the characteristic swirl of the wood, the coloring, and the oils simply had not developed though modern drying techniques are improving to a point where a few years of waiting can be deleted.

As teak continues to be in demand, whether for use on ship decks, land decks, furniture, or whatever the human mind can create, the need to sustain the sources becomes evident. The natural strength, resilience, beauty, and workability of the wood can’t be overstated. With proper care and planning, we can keep this valuable, amazing resource replenished, alive, and protected for future generations.

Spotlight on the Author:

I am Malkit Ram and my wife’s name is Bimla. Together, we run and publish Allteakboutique, a website that promotes the beauty of teak at very reasonable costs. This includes the high quality and famous teak furniture makers of Barlow Garden Furniture and Kingsley Bate Teak Furniture. To better promote the wood of my native country, my family and I left India to take up residence in Wolverhampton, England. My family consist of three beautiful daughters, one amazing son, and an American Bulldog named Kano, who believes he is also a child.

While I enjoy train spotting in my free time, a hobby brought on by being a train engineer, my wife and I also deeply enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and the splendors of nature. We are often to be found outside relaxing in our own personal garden, which has become a sanctuary from the hum and thrum of a busy city life.

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Wooden Stone Piece For House Decoration

One of art work from Java island, called wooden stone piece. Made of original Teak wood with dried process. This handcrafted decoration is made by craftsman with perfect furnishing. It is very safety for decoration use or children games. You can put this wooden egg for your outdoor decoration or for indoor decoration. Kids love this adorable wooden stone piece that are so easy to hold and play.

Look at the picture and imagine you have some pieces for house decoration. It would be nice to put it in your living room, or your garden near to fish pool. This furniture accessories is suitable also for decorate your party room, working section, or used as games for your children. You can make your own rule of woden stone egg with your children. Create some interesting game in your house and make sure that your children very fun to play with their new games.

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Yellow Chess Piece At Backyard

Shocking yellow for this season! Usually, you know about brown and black chess pieces. But here we present different chess for you. We have yellow giant chess for your garden or hotel outdoor. Very unique and so different!
Adopting the idea of futuristic color, we create yellow chess color. It gives fresh atmosphere in your room and house.
This chess piece is highly recommended for decoration.

Decorate your garden with different touch. Put this giant yellow chess at your garden and make some different touch in your outdoor area. You can also left it at your backyard space. This chess piece has made from Teak wood, so it’s very durable for any seasons and weathers. If you want to dress your house with another chess color, we can make it. We have another color, such as; totally blue, white chess, silver chess, black chess and many more.

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