Giant Wooden Dart Game

This dart is available in a variety of styles of exotic woods. This is the style of dart that commonly use for decoration need. This kind of darts usually called as the giant wooden dart because it has unusual size for a dart. Based on its size, this giant dart is perfect for decorate your house, office, hotels or school.

Don’t worry about its durable quality, because the giant dart has made from selected Teak wood with kiln-dried process first. The Teak wood products can stand at any seasons and has good insect resistant. So that, you can use it to decorate your backyard, swimming pool and others outdoor activities.

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180 cm Chess Pieces For House Decoration

Those black and white giant chess are standing in an office at United Kingdom. By 180cm height, the giant chess pieces are suitable for house decoration use. For indoor decoration, you can put it at your house or office corner. It will give special impress for your house or office.

Make something different to your house or office by put chess pieces as decoration. 180cm chess pieces may become your choice, especially the wooden pieces. Unique, beautiful and elegant. Get it for your house now!

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Glossy Brown Chess Pieces

Those are wooden chess pieces in glossy brown paint. The chess pieces are made of selected and qualified Teak wood with kiln dried process. The Teak wood has give its strength component to those chess pieces, so that make them durable for outdoor use.

Those brown chess pieces are produced in standart size. It suitable for indoor and formal chess game. Wooden chess pieces are more valuable than the plastic one. It because the wooden chess pieces looks more elegant with glossy touch and it handmade products which carved by talented craftsman. Get it now and get also the black set to complete your collection.

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Wooden Big Dart

Do you collect unique handmade wooden crafts? Are you feel confuse about gifts for your friends or family?
Try to make some different with some new wooden crafts called ‘Big Dart’. This kind of wooden craft is new innovation craft which adapted from the Dart game.

The big dart made from solid Teak wood material, so it durable for outdoor use. Besides can be used as decoration, big darts are also suitable for gifts. Unique and interesting is the hallmark of this craft and certainly the people around you will really like it.

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Black Chess Pieces In Glossy Polish

Those are the black chess pieces stand on squares board. The black chess pieces will againt the brown chess pieces on the chess board. This is called as chess game. Looks simple but the player need to think hard to win the game. The player need good strategic to move the chess pieces.

The black chess pieces are made of high quality Teak wood and carved by talented craftsman. All products are polish well in black with glossy touch to make them looks more elegant. For this chess pieces size, it often use for indoor chess game or chess tournament.

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The Colorful Of Giant Dart

New innovation of giant products named Giant Dart. If usually you use the dart for board game, now you can use giant dart pieces for decoration need. So why not? This time the dart pieces designed in giant form. By this new designed, you can use it for your house decoration or some event decoration need.

Not only one color, we present giant dart in several colors. You can choose your own color and decorate your house with those color darts. Yellow, blue, red or green; just make sure that the giant dart suit for your house. Order now and get it now!

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180cm Chess Pieces Stay in An Office at United Kingdom

Those black and white chess pieces are in 180 cm size. Those chess pieces are kind of giant chess with original carving design. Made of Teak wood with best selected quality, those giant chess pieces are recommended for  outdoor chess game and outdoor decoration.

Meanwhile, those giant chess pieces are stand on squares floor at one of office in United Kingdom. It use for office decoration and looks match with the floor. For this occasion, it needs broad enough to put those giant chess pieces.

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72 Inch Chess Pieces From Teak Wood

Those giant chess pieces are made from Teak wood material and carved  perfectly by talented craftsman. Designed in giant size, those chess pieces are suitable use for outdoor game or outdoor decoration. Perfect for hotel, restaurant, school, hotel, camp ground, garden, etc.

Based on its main material, the giant chess above suitable for outdoor need for months. Teak wood has known as the strongest wood in the world. This wood is durable in any weathers and seasons, so that many people prefer this kind of wood than others.

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The Elegant Chess Set

Chess products which are made ??from wood material, has always looks amazing. Because of what? Because the wooden chess products is the carving products with a high thoroughness level. These forms must be unique each chess pieces carved in such a way as to get the best results.

Just like a chess set above, those pieces are made from selected Teak wood and carved by talented craftsmen with high quality finishing. All the chess pieces completed perfectly with glossy touch which makes them look more beautiful and elegant.

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Teak Giant King Chess is the leader of wooden chess exporter which specializing in handcrafted chess products. Why use wood as its main material?
Considering that well over 90% of all chess sets made today are constructed from wood of one kind or another, it is not surprising that this is the most familiar material to the majority of people.

For its products, choose the selected Teak wood as main material so that it produced the wonderful carving Teak chess products and durable for outdoor use. Based on its main material wood, you may use those giant King chess pieces for your house decoration. You may put it at your backyard, swimming pool side, garden, etc.

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