Giant Wooden Dart Game

This dart is available in a variety of styles of exotic woods. This is the style of dart that commonly use for decoration need. This kind of darts usually called as the giant wooden dart because it has unusual size for a dart. Based on its size, this giant dart is perfect for decorate your house, office, hotels or school.

Don’t worry about its durable quality, because the giant dart has made from selected Teak wood with kiln-dried process first. The Teak wood products can stand at any seasons and has good insect resistant. So that, you can use it to decorate your backyard, swimming pool and others outdoor activities.

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Suitcase Chess Board

This is the chess board in suitcase model. The board has made from good Teak wood and made by talented craftsman. As general chess board, this suitcase board also designed in squares board in black and brown color. The suitcase chess board, looks so natural and so easy to storage.

The suitcase chess board aimed to make it easy to storage and transport include its chess pieces. It so beautiful, all made from Teak wood and set for play on-the-go. It also completed with reliable brass and wood handle to carry the packed-up.

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Squares Board For Chess Game

A chessboard is the type of checkerboard used in the board game chess, and consists of 64 squares (eight rows and eight columns) arranged in two alternating colors (light and dark). You can find the chess board in black and white squares or black and natural brown squares.

The chessboard in the picture above has made up of Teak wood material and folds extremely compact for quick, easy setup & storage, ideal for use indoors or outdoors. Arranged the chess pieces on the squares and your chess game can be played.

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Wooden Big Checker Pieces In Black

As same as chess checker game is also using squares board. Checker game is also simple game with simple equipment. You just need a squares board and checker pieces set. The game’s rule is also easy to learn. All people can play it because the game has no limited age. You can play the checker at living room, patio area, school, garden, office and other interesting area. You may also use the big checker for outdoor checker game to make your game more challenging and fun.

Wooden big checker pieces are designed for outdoor game because it need suitable board for the game. You may be tempted to save these big checker set for special occasions, but they’re designed to be used any time. Engage in a friendly game of checkers with these pieces and show off your competitive edge. They have a hefty feel that increases the joy of playing board games.

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Process And Stock Of Wooden Chess Pieces

Those are the process part of wooden chess pieces. Those wooden chess pieces are carving product through a few process to get a qualified pieces. The process itself has begin with material wood selection. We use the best quality of Teak wood only. The wood itself had through kiln dried process first, to
After the woods are ready, then the craftsman begin to carved it in chess pieces form. They make it in different sizes and once again, they dried the pieces before paint it.

Those chess pieces are paint in some colors, like natural brown, black, blue, yellow, red and many more. The painted process also took a little long time. It because we need to get the best looking of the pieces. But the last result, those chess pieces products are the most beautiful chess for chess lovers in the world.

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Soldier Carving Handicraft For House Decoration always give wooden carving product in different and usual form. The products itself are rarely and cannot find in other wooden handicraft manufacturer. Here you will get many choices of wooden carving products which made by talented craftsman from Java. It so unique with detail carving and natural brown polish.

Soldier carving handicraft is one of products which has unique carving detail and made from qualified wood. It made from Teak wood and carved by good reputation craftsman. This wooden handicraft has popular for house decoration use. Decorate your house with this unique handicraft product! You can put it on library, living room table, office, or use for some event decoration.

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Tall King And Queen Chess For Outdoor Use

Wooden chess pieces are normally made of the light wood boxwood or sometimes maple. But here we offer the high quality of chess pieces. We made the chess pieces of Teak wood and polished well in glossy black and brown. A tall King and Queen chess pieces, which carefully for outdoor use. To be placed as decoration, this chess is recommended.

This is the handmade product, made by professional craftsman with their expert skill in carved wooden product. Perfect for your garden decoration or hotel decoration. You may left it outdoors for months without worry about it durability. This kind of garden decoration is very durable because made of Teak wood, which is famous as the strongest wood in the world. Get it now!

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Wooden Stone Pieces In Giant Size – Perfect For Outdoor Decoration

Have garden is something interesting. You can spend your holiday by do some attractive activity in there. You can invite some friends and family for having a little outdoor party or some kind like outdoor event.
Otherwise, it would be nice if you decorate your garden with something special and unique.

This time we proud to introduce our handmade product, named Wooden Stone Piece. You can use it for house decoration or gift for your family and friends. We present it in giant size, so you can put it at your garden and make it interesting also at your patio area.
The size of the wooden stone piece is available in various sizes. It’s depend on the order. Use this product as house decoration, embellishments, miniatures, bazaar crafts and more.

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The Real Unique Chess – Kind Of Decorative Chess Piece

The decorative chess from our company is reality kingdom chess. Designed in unique shapes and beautiful looks. Still using wood material and carved by our expert craftsman, we give you an example of decorative chess piece. As an example, this decorative chess piece has a realistic shape of virtue. This chess is crafted in three dimensional shape and adopted realism style. Polished in black and glossy color, make it looks elegant and unique.

Reality kingdom chess is a best collection and decoration for your space. So that you can decorate your house and room with our unique product. Not only for indoor area, you can also use it for outdoor decoration. Don’t worry about its durability, because our product has made from best Teak wood material. So its very durable for any seasons. Get it now in various designed and color.

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The Black And White Of Wood Chess

Black and white chess would become the attractive one for you. It would be nice if put this color chess in your house. This chess pieces also available in various colors. You can decorate your children room with some color chess.
You want to some different touch for your home or your children room? Why don’t try this color chess. Make up your room be colorful and funny with such color, including; yellow, red, orange, pink, or other light colors.

Just make sure that the chess pieces has made of Teak wood. Because its durable reason, Teak wood also very safety for any children and adult. This wood always accept any paint colors, light and dark, so you can choose any colors for your chess. If you like other color to suit it with your wall paint at home, you may order it to us. Just tell us what color that you want and we will solve it for you.

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