Glossy Brown Chess Pieces

Those are wooden chess pieces in glossy brown paint. The chess pieces are made of selected and qualified Teak wood with kiln dried process. The Teak wood has give its strength component to those chess pieces, so that make them durable for outdoor use.

Those brown chess pieces are produced in standart size. It suitable for indoor and formal chess game. Wooden chess pieces are more valuable than the plastic one. It because the wooden chess pieces looks more elegant with glossy touch and it handmade products which carved by talented craftsman. Get it now and get also the black set to complete your collection.

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Black Chess Pieces In Glossy Polish

Those are the black chess pieces stand on squares board. The black chess pieces will againt the brown chess pieces on the chess board. This is called as chess game. Looks simple but the player need to think hard to win the game. The player need good strategic to move the chess pieces.

The black chess pieces are made of high quality Teak wood and carved by talented craftsman. All products are polish well in black with glossy touch to make them looks more elegant. For this chess pieces size, it often use for indoor chess game or chess tournament.

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180cm Chess Pieces Stay in An Office at United Kingdom

Those black and white chess pieces are in 180 cm size. Those chess pieces are kind of giant chess with original carving design. Made of Teak wood with best selected quality, those giant chess pieces are recommended for  outdoor chess game and outdoor decoration.

Meanwhile, those giant chess pieces are stand on squares floor at one of office in United Kingdom. It use for office decoration and looks match with the floor. For this occasion, it needs broad enough to put those giant chess pieces.

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72 Inch Chess Pieces From Teak Wood

Those giant chess pieces are made from Teak wood material and carved  perfectly by talented craftsman. Designed in giant size, those chess pieces are suitable use for outdoor game or outdoor decoration. Perfect for hotel, restaurant, school, hotel, camp ground, garden, etc.

Based on its main material, the giant chess above suitable for outdoor need for months. Teak wood has known as the strongest wood in the world. This wood is durable in any weathers and seasons, so that many people prefer this kind of wood than others.

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The Elegant Chess Set

Chess products which are made ??from wood material, has always looks amazing. Because of what? Because the wooden chess products is the carving products with a high thoroughness level. These forms must be unique each chess pieces carved in such a way as to get the best results.

Just like a chess set above, those pieces are made from selected Teak wood and carved by talented craftsmen with high quality finishing. All the chess pieces completed perfectly with glossy touch which makes them look more beautiful and elegant.

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Teak Chess In Giant Size

Teak is the best choice for furniture and craft especially for outdoor use. It is not only beautiful, but because it is also strong and durable. Indonesian teak has prized for its strength, the beauty of its grain, and it is highly suited to finely engraved sculpting.

Based on the reason above, produce a unique chess pieces in giant size using Teak wood as its main material. By its strong wood, the giant chess is durable for outdoor use, so you can placed it at your backyard or your patio area as house decoration.

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Black Chess Pieces on Squares Board

Chess pieces are one of important part in chess game. The game need to move the pieces and the player should have good strategy to win the game. The chess pieces are divided into two colors; dark and bright which is referred to as “White” and the other as “Black”. To distinguish between the two, the black pieces are made darker than the white pieces.

As show in the picture above, the black pieces are arranging on its chess squares board. Those black pieces will against the white pieces on the chess game. Made from Teak wood material, make those chess pieces more expensive and elegant. Get a set of Teak wood chess pieces in black and white colors.

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180cm Chess Pieces Stand At United Kingdom

Those are the 180 cm chess pieces with carving finished and polish well in good paint. 180 cm chess pieces is giant chess size which use the best black and white colors. Those big chess pieces are perfect for outdoor chess game. You just need the squares board which support the chess pieces.

180 cm chess pieces are stand at United Kingdom as house decoration. The squares floor make it perfect as chess pieces. It looks so unique and artistic. Although the size of chess pieces is great, but easily moved. You can just slide it alone with little effort. It also easy to care, just clean it with a cloth. Now get it for your house.

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Big Chess At Delano Hotel

Delano Hotel is the popular hotel in Miami beach. It is located in the heart of one of America’s most energized gateway cities. As beach hotel, Delano hotel offering a seamless flow between a series of unique indoor and outdoor environments. For outdoor decoration, Delano add big chess equipment for outdoor chess game need. By this facility, guests are more interested to visit.

Big chess set is trully perfect for outdoor chess game. It usually use at public area or private backyard. The big chess set itself has made from best quality of Teak wood, so it durable product in any weathers and seasons. Besides, wooden big chess is also perfect for outdoor decoration.

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Outdoor Chess Set From Teak Wood

If chess is your favorite game, then this giant chess will be perfect for you. Chess is a game of skill & cunning, which can be played indoors and outdoor. It need two players to play the game. People commonly use standard chess pieces for indoor and use the big one or even the giant chess set for outdoor chess. Those chess pieces set are equipped with suitable chess board based on their sizes.

Mostly, people prefer the big chess set than the standard. They think about the large area which suitable for the big one. Look the picture above! Ideal for limited spaces, this set will still capture the elegance of an oversized Teak set. It so wonderful for outdoor chess game because it durable in any seasons. Using Teak wood material, you can put it at beach, camp ground, backyard, garden, and others outdoor area.

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