Wooden Marble Chess for Decoration

Wooden Marble Chess
Wooden Marble Chess

Is it wood or marble?
Combining the idea of luxurious marble and the elegance of wood, we craft this special chess piece.
Our product is originally made from teak wood and painted in marble look. It has two colors, grey and yellow.
This chess piece is moist in color and detail, strong, and artistic, so that it is best used for decoration your home and spaces.
If you ask for another reason to grab our chess piece, we proudly say that:

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Outdoor Chess Colection

Outdoor Chess Set
Outdoor Chess Set

This is the outdoor collection that you have been waiting for. Giant chess and its board for outdoor is a perfect gateway from your busy life. You can have the sensation of interesting chess game, beautiful art pieces, fine outdoor decoration, and the breeze.

Nice Collections : Wooden Marble Giant Domino

Wooden Marble Giant Domino
Wooden Marble Giant Domino

Wooden marble giant domino is another product made by giantchess.com. It is made from high quality teak, polished and painted to have the marble-look by an artist. So the result is marble surface look but have strong body as teak wood quality, not easy to crack or broken when fallen. Very attractive for  your guest room furniture decorations

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